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Where can I Study in Ireland?

In Ireland the Education system consists of Universities, Institute of Technologies and Private Independent Colleges. The entry requirement for the courses offered by them vary from Institution to Institution.



How can I finance my studies?

As compared to the cost of studying in India only, going abroad can seem to be steeply expensive. However one must keep the possible returns in mind which are in the form of quality of education, international exposure and boost to ones career when evaluating the costs of studying abroad.

A student can rely on sources like family funds, bank loans, scholarships, bursaries, sponsorships etc to provide for funds required by him.

  • Bank Loans
  • Most nationalized banks offer students loans at competitive rates for considerable time periods which may enable a larger section of students to go and study abroad. They will ask for a collateral security to be pledged. You can even consider the possibility of an international bank loan. Kindly ask your Edwise counsellor for further details.

  • Sponsorships
  • A blood relative is always preferred but other sponsors can also help to fund your education in the Ireland provided a logical explanation is given as to why he is willing to sponsor you.



    What is GNIB?

    Garda National Immigration Bureau ( GNIB) is an Immigration Service in the Ireland.



    Do I have to pay for Health Insurance?

    International students are not covered for any free medical attention off-campus and must therefore have their own private insurance. Kindly note that heavy amount are charged for all hospitalisation and it is advised to make provision for adequate medical insurance.

    International students are required to show proof of comprehensive medical insurance when registering with the Garda National Immigration Bureau. While applying for student Visa, proof of health insurance is required.



    Should I pay a Deposit?

    All universities, colleges and Institute of Technologies require the students to pay a deposit of 500 to 1000 euros in advance in order to reserve a place for them. In any case we recommend that all students should make a deposit payment as it facilitates in getting a student visa.




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