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If you are interested in pursuing a higher Education in UK, and don't do something about it quick enough. Almost all Universities in UK open their doors to students for Education in UK for an intake in the month of Aug/ September/ October '10. Keeping time management in mind, if you do not want to waste one whole year, quick thinking, a well planned agenda and professional guidance from Edwise as to where to apply can still get you working towards a degree from a reputed institute in UK. UK academic session begins in September/ October for Higher Education in UK. Even if you have not yet applied but are surely interested to do so there is still chance to make to the UK for this Higher Education intake. Given that the application process for UK univesity for Higher Education is relating easing and takes around a couple of weeks you can apply within the next few days and get your offers soon thereafter. Visas for Education in UK are quite easy to obtain for genuine applicants who have received a CAS and are able to show the required funding available with them. There are Variety of Universities for Higher Education in UK offering variety of Courses. Get Admission in any Courses for Education in UK.
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June 2014

Study in UKThere are hundreds of thousands of international students that make their way to United Kingdom every year. Whether it's a university and Colleges in London, or a variety of otheraffordable degrees, studying in the UK can be extremely rewarding and it's possible to look into professional degrees, MBA, PhD's and of course undergraduate courses from some of the most prestigious universities in the world. When it comes right down to it though, what is it about the UK that makes it such an attractive place for people from around the world seeking education?

UK education gives you the chance to study what, where and how you want. The UK is a friendly, welcoming place for people of all countries, cultures and faiths. As a student in the UK Universities, you'll get to know people from all over the world, and you’ll learn about many different cultures.

Did you know that the UK is the number one destination worldwide for

English language study?

  • Courses for all ages and abilities: It is thought that the Universities in UK has more English language courses than any other country. Come to the UK and you can learn English for your career, for educational purposes, or for fun. You can also study English with another subject at the same time. 
  • UK EducationInspiring teaching and learning: In the UK, English language learning is about having fun and taking part. Instead of just listening to your teacher, your classes will involve games, problem-solving and discussions. You might also listen to songs, watch TV or read magazines to practise your comprehension skills. In fact, it might not even feel like work at all!
  • Quality assured: Accredited UK English language centers are regularly inspected by government-approved bodies to ensure high standards of teaching, accommodation, welfare support and facilities. Find out how to find an accredited centre in Learn English.
  • The home of the English language: When you explore the UK you'll be surrounded by native speakers so you can practice using the language in real-life situations. You should find that your skills improve enormously in a short time. You might even start dreaming in English after a few days!
  • Prepare for your future: English language skills are valued by employers, universities and colleges worldwide, and are a powerful tool in thousands of careers. Improving your English is a great investment in your future. There are lots of business English courses, plus courses to prepare you for higher education in Universities of UK.
  • A unique cultural experience: Learning English in the Universities of UK is an opportunity to make new friends from around the world, discover the UK’s culture and history, and explore beautiful countryside and cities.

UK further education courses generally set their own entry requirements. These entry requirements are there to ensure that you have the right skills and knowledge to successfully complete the course.

Students from certain countries need a visa to study in the UK. Visas are managed by UK Visas and Immigration. Are you looking for someone to talk to about study in UK? To find out if you need a visa and how to apply, please talk to the expert counselors at your nearest Edwise Office.

If you are unsure whether your qualifications meet the entry requirements in Universities of UK, contact Edwise on 1-800-200-3678 / 08600911333. Combine your talent with our support. Match your ambition & find out more at Edwise office.

June 2014




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