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University of Auckland


The University of Auckland was formally opened on 23 May 1883 as Auckland University College, part of the University of New Zealand. Today, The University of Auckland is the largest university in New Zealand, hosting over 40,000 students on five Auckland campuses. Almost all teaching staff engage in research which attempts to advance the frontiers of knowledge and understanding, and around 5000 students are enrolled for postgraduate studies, 1200 of whom are undertaking doctorates.

The University of Auckland is New Zealand's leading university and is the only one ranked among the world's top 100 universities by the Times Higher Education - Quacquarelli Symonds (THE-QS) World Rankings of Universities. The University of Auckland has a strong international focus and is the only New Zealand member of Universitas 21 and the Association of Pacific Rim Universities - international consortia of research-led universities. Today more than 4,000 students from 93 countries choose to study here.

The University of Auckland also ranked very highly in subject areas*

The University of Auckland  61
Arts and Humanities 42
Social Sciences 37
Technology (now Engineering & IT) 55
Life Sciences and Biomedicine 40
Natural Sciences 83

The University's motto is: "Ingenio et Labore"; freely translated from Latin, it means "by natural ability and hard work".





















Location & Facilities

The University of Auckland is spread across six campuses, all situated in Auckland Region and Northland Region in the upper North Island of New Zealand.


City Campus

    • Tāmaki Innovation Campus
    • Newmarket Campus
    • Epsom Campus
    • Grafton Campus
    • Tai Tokerau Campus
    • Leigh Marine Laboratory
    • The University of Auckland at Manukau
    • Waitemata Health Campus
    • South Auckland Clinical School
    • Waikato Clinical School


















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

    • Faculty of Arts
    • Business School
    • National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries
    • Education and Social Work
    • Faculty of Engineering
    • Faculty of Law
    • Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences
    • Faculty of Science
    • Liggins Institute(Research Institute)
    • Auckland Bioengineering Institute(Research Institute)























Courses Offered Level Name of the Program
1 PG Academic Practice
2 UG/PG Accounting
3 UG/PG Ancient History
4 UG Anthropological Science
5 UG/PG Anthropology
6 UG/PG Applied Geology
7 UG/PG Applied Mathematics
8 UG/PG Architectural Design
9 UG/PG Architectural History, Theory and Criticism
10 UG/PG Architectural Media
11 UG/PG Architectural Professional Studies
12 UG/PG Architectural Technology
13 UG/PG Architecture – General
14 UG/PG Art History
15 UG/PG Arts – General
16 UG/PG Asian Studies
17 PG Audiology
18 UG BTech Projects
19 UG/PG Biblical Studies
20 PG Bioengineering
21 PG Bioinformatics*
22 UG/PG Biological Sciences
23 UG/PG Biomedical Engineering
24 PG Biomedical Science
25 PG Biosecurity
26 UG Biotechnology
27 UG/PG Business
28 PG Business Administration
29 PG Cardiac Rehabilitation
30 UG/PG Chemical and Materials Engineering 
31 UG/PG Chemistry
32 UG/PG Chinese
33 UG/PG Christian Thought and History
34 UG/PG Civil Engineering
35 UG Classical Studies
36 PG Clinical Education
37 UG/PG Commercial Law*
38 UG/PG Comparative Literature
39 UG/PG Computer Science
40 UG/PG Computer Systems Engineering
41 UG Cook Islands Maori
42 PG Creative Writing
43 UG Criminology
44 UG Croatian
45 UG/PG Dance Studies*
46 PG Development Studies 
47 UG Disability Studies
48 UG/PG Drama
49 UG Ecology
50 UG/PG Economics
51 UG/PG Education
52 UG Education Curriculum Māori
53 UG Education Curriculum Pasifika
54 UG Education Curriculum Secondary Diploma
55 UG Education Curriculum Studies
56 UG Education Foundation
57 UG Education Foundation Māori
58 UG Education Māori
59 UG/PG Education Practice
60 UG Education Practice Māori
61 UG Education Practice Pasifika
62 UG/PG Education Professional Studies
63 UG/PG Education Professional Studies Māori
64 UG Education Professional Studies Pasifika
65 UG Education Special 
66 UG/PG Electrical and Electronic Engineering
67 UG Electronics and Computing
68 UG/PG Employment Relations and Organisation Studies
69 UG Energy Technology
70 UG/PG Engineering Science 
71 UG/PG Engineering, General
72 UG/PG English
73 UG English Writing
74 UG English as a Second Language
75 UG English for Academic Purposes
76 UG/PG Environmental Engineering
77 PG Environmental Management
78 UG/PG Environmental Science
79 UG Ethics
80 UG Ethnomusicology
81 UG/PG European Studies
82 PG Exercise Rehabilitation
83 UG/PG Film, Television and Media Studies
84 UG/PG Finance
85 PG Finance – Graduate Programmes
86 UG/PG Fine Arts 
87 UG/PG Food Science
88 PG Forensic Science
89 UG/PG French
90 UG General Education 
91 UG/PG Geography
92 UG/PG Geology
93 UG/PG Geophysics
94 UG/PG German
95 UG/PG Greek
96 PG Health Informatics
97 PG Health Management 
98 PG Health Psychology
99 UG/PG Health Sciences
100 UG/PG History
101 PG Human Biology
102 PG Human Resource Management 
103 UG Human Services
104 UG Industrial Mathematics
105 UG Information Management
106 UG/PG Information Systems
107 PG Information Systems – Graduate Programmes
108 UG Information Technology
109 UG/PG International Business
110 UG/PG Italian
111 UG/PG Japanese
112 UG Jazz
113 UG/PG Korean
114 Language Study Abroad
115 UG/PG Language Teaching and Learning
116 PG Languages and Literature 
117 UG/PG Latin
118 UG Latin American Studies 
119 UG/PG Law
120 PG Law – Commercial
121 PG Law – Environmental
122 PG Law – General
123 PG Law – Honours
124 PG Law – Public
125 UG/PG Linguistics
126 UG/PG Logic and Computation
128 PG MMgt/PGDipBus*
129 UG/PG Management
130 UG/PG Marine Science
131 UG/PG Marketing
132 PG Marketing – Graduate Programmes
133 UG/PG Mathematics
134 UG/PG Mechanical Engineering
135 UG Medical Physics and Imaging Technology
136 UG/PG Medical Science
137 PG Medical Statistics
138 PG Medicinal Chemistry
139 PG Medicine
140 PG Medieval and Early Modern European Studies
141 PG Museums and Cultural Heritage
142 UG/PG Music
143 UG/PG Music Education
144 PG Māori Development
145 UG/PG Māori Health
146 UG/PG Māori Studies
147 PG New Venture Management 
148 UG/PG Nursing
149 PG Obstetrics and Gynaecology 
150 UG/PG Operations Management 
151 PG Operations Management – Graduate Programmes
152 UG Operations Research
153 PG Ophthalmology*
154 UG Optoelectronics
155 UG/PG Optometry and Vision Science
156 UG/PG Pacific Studies
157 UG/PG Paediatrics
158 PG Performing Arts
159 PG Pharmacology
160 UG/PG Pharmacy
161 UG/PG Philosophy
162 UG/PG Physics
163 PG Physiology
164 UG/PG Planning
165 UG Polish
166 UG/PG Political Studies
167 UG/PG Polymers and Coatings Science
168 UG/PG Population Health
169 PG Population Health Practice
170 UG/PG Practical Theology 
171 PG Professional Supervision
172 UG/PG Property
173 PG Psychiatry
174 UG/PG Psychology
175 PG Public Policy
176 UG/PG Russian
177 UG Samoan
178 PG Science Enterprise
179 UG Science – General
180 PG Screen Production
181 PG Social Science Research Methods
182 UG Social Science for Public Health
183 UG/PG Social Work
184 UG/PG Social Work Child and Family Practice
185 UG/PG Social Work Health Practice
186 UG/PG Social Work Youth Practice
187 UG/PG Sociology
188 UG/PG Software Engineering 
189 PG Sound Recording and Design
190 UG/PG Spanish
191 PG Speech Science
192 UG/PG Sport and Exercise Science
193 UG/PG Statistics
194 UG/PG Theology
195 UG Tongan
196 PG Translation Studies
197 PG Urban Design
198 UG Visual Arts
199 PG Wine Science
200 UG/PG Women's Studies
201 UG Writing Studies 
202 UG Youth Work
































The University of Auckland administers Doctoral Scholarships for international postgraduate students. We also have University of Auckland Commonwealth Scholarships for postgraduate students who are citizens of the Commonwealth. New Zealand Development Scholarships funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade are available for international students intending to study undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in New Zealand.




























































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