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Study in Quantum Education Group New Zealand. Edwise Give Admission Guidance for Admission in Quantum Education Group, New Zealand. Edwise has helped several students over the years to receive some form of scholarship or tution fee waiver for the program of their choice. Quantum Education Group New Zealand Provide Various Courses for Education Abroad

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Quantum Education Group


Quantum Education Group, is one of New Zealand's leading innovative education providers. Founded more than 18 years ago, the education institution is a leader in specialist fields and offers high-quality academic programmes.


Quantum Education provides students with globally recognised courses in the fields of hospitality, business, culinary arts, flying, professional counselling, information technology, English, and travel and tourism. These are high-quality academic programmes taught with exceptionally high training standards and friendly learning environments. All programmes have been accredited by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). The faculty at Quantum Education is made up of a number of specialists whose qualifications cover a wide range of exciting industries.


There are 6 schools within Quantum Education, one for each specialization, whose locations are scattered throughout the country, chosen specifically for suitability and proximity to the industry.







































Location & Facilities

New Zealand is a small island country located in the south-western Pacific Ocean. With a population of just 4 million people, it is one of the world's least crowded countries - and most popular vacation destinations for travelers from all over the world. The spectacular landscape of New Zealand includes sweeping coastlines, deep fjords, mysterious rainforests, steaming volcanoes, and great mountain chains.


Currently a member of the British Commonweath, New Zealand was first settled about 1000 years ago by a group of Polynesians now called the Maoris. It is said that the great explorer Kupe named the land Aotearoa, which means the Land of the Long White Cloud. Today, these indigenous Maoris make up about 14% of New Zealand's population.


People who come from New Zealand are known as Kiwis, a term which developed during World War I. The kiwi bird is the mascot for New Zealand, and many kiwi fruits are exported from the country.


New Zealand is a haven for adventurers and thrill seekers, as well as for those seeking relaxation and peace. Despite its small size, it has so much to offer for students, visitors, and residents alike.


There are several accommodation options for students studying at Quantum Education. One of the most popular options is a full-board homestay with a local New Zealand family. Homestay families have been carefully selected by Quantum Education, and students are provided with their own fully furnished room. Homestay students receive 3 meals per day. Costs vary for homestays depending on location, but usually range from NZ$210-$230 per week in Auckland and NZ$190 per week in Kerikeri and Whangarei. Costs do not include transporation, telephone, or Internet. The homestay is an ideal option for open-minded students who are interested in learning about a culture by living with locals.


Students who study at the Whangarei campus of Quantum Education may live in Quantum House. Located just 5 minutes from the flight training school and 100m from the beach, this is a perfect option for students on a budget. Students may choose either a private or shared bedroom, and share a kitchen and bathroom.


Another popular accommodation option for students is renting, either by themselves or with a group of people. Costs for renting vary from NZ$80-$150 for a shared flat or house and NZ$180-$350 for their own flat or house. There are also a wide variety of motels, hotels, lodges and hostels for students who are in New Zealand for shorter amounts of time or are on more of a budget.

































List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

Quantum Institute of Business & ICT

Located in Auckland, New Zealand, the Quantum Institute of Business & ICT offers students specialized courses in management, business, technical, and computing. The school is a certified partner of CompTIA and Microsoft, and offers the most industry-relevant and up-to-date education. Graduates have a range of qualifications and skills necessary to compete in today's world of business and information technology.


Quantum Institute of Tourism & Hospitality

Based in Auckland, the Quantum Institute Tourism & Hospitality is an education institution providing world-class, comprehensive travel, tourism, and hotel management training. The tourism and hospitality industry is one of the largest in the world, and as New Zealand draws over 2 million tourists to its borders every year, it is an ideal location for training in the field.


The Culinary Institute of New Zealand

Located in Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands, The Culinary Institute of New Zealand is a dynamic and creative education institution in professional chef and associated hospitality training. The core philosophies of the school are training that simulates real kitchens and 'modern food styles.' Classes are small for personalized training and there is a popular, commercial restaurant on-campus for practical experience.


Quantum Aviation

Established in 1994, Quantum Aviation in Whangarei provides students with a high-quality education in flying helicopters and aeroplanes. Endorsed licences from Quantum Aviation are highly regarded around the world, and recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Top graduates have the opportunity to gain employment with Quantum Aviation as pilots or flight instructors.


New Zealand Insitute of Professional Counselling

The New Zealand Institute of Professional Counselling, located in Auckland, is an in-depth and specific education program in counselling. Students gain the communication skills necessary to listen with an open mind and respond with understanding and sensitivity. As a leading provider of counselling training, NZIPC has high-quality academic content and practical integration necessary to succeed in the industry.


Quantum Institute of English

The Quantum Institute of English in Auckland is a unique, fast-track education course which teaches students to speak fluent English. Distinguished by a high standard of personalised teaching, students may specialize in General English, or enroll in IELTS exam preparation and one-to-one classes.




























Courses Offered




Academic English


Level 3

Basic Cookery


Business English


Level 3 & 4

Certificate in Travel & Tourism, Fares and Ticketing


Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Aeroplane or Helicopter


Level 6

Diploma in Advanced Hotel Management


Level 6

Diploma in Advanced Tourism Management


Level 5

Diploma in Aviation (Aeroplane or Helicopter)


Level 5

Diploma in Computing


Level 5

Diploma in Hotel Management


Level 5

Diploma in Tourism Management


Level 6

Diploma of Professional Counselling


Level 6

Diploma of Professional Counselling


Level 6

New Zealand Diploma in Business


Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplane or Helicopter)


Level 4

Professional Cookery


Level 3 & 4

Professional Chef Training


Stage 1 & 2

Professional Pilot Training Aeroplane or Helicopter

































Quantum Education is well known for its high quality academic programmes, exceptionally high training standards and friendly learning environments. For Domestic Students, many of our courses have Student Loans and Allowances available to eligible New Zealand Residents. This makes attaining your education much easier financially.


This Government Scheme is not available to International students, so we understand that the ability to study may well be out of reach for some. Therefore we are delighted to be able to offer a number of international scholarships to assist students wishing to fulfill their dream of studying in New Zealand with Quantum Education. The scholarship will be deducted off the tuition fees once eligibility has been assessed.


Partial scholarships for international students are available for the following courses:

    New Zealand Diploma in Business (Level 6): NZ$1,500.00
    Diploma in Hotel Management (Level 5): NZ$1,500.00
    Diploma in Tourism Management (Level 5): NZ$1,500.00
    Diploma in Advanced Hotel Management (Level 5): NZ$1,500.00
    Diploma in Advanced Tourism Management (Level 5): NZ$1,500.00
    Professional Chef Training (Level 3 & 4): NZ$4,000.00
    Diploma of Professional Counselling (Level 6): NZ$4,000.00


In order to be eligible for one of those scholarships, the following criteria apply:

- An IELTS score 1.0 higher than the course requirement
- High academic and/or professional achievement
- Community/Team spirit – i.e. involvement in a club, sports team, volunteer work or similar































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