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Whitecliff College of Arts and Design


Whitecliffe is New Zealand's Art School of First Choice

Whitecliffe is the most prestigious art and design Tertiary institution in New Zealand. Whitecliffe is widely viewed as the ART SCHOOL OF FIRST CHOICE by New Zealand students and secondary school teachers.


International students at Whitecliffe have the benefit of studying alongside the best of New Zealand students.


Whitecliffe is Government Funded

Whitecliffe is recognised and funded by the New Zealand Government.


Whitecliffe is New Zealand owned and operated

Whitecliffe was established in 1982 and is the only privately owned, degree conferring art and design institution in New Zealand that is New Zealand owned.













































Location & Facilities

Whiteliffe is located in Parnell, Auckland. The campus is 2 kilometres from the very centre of the CBD and is therefore close to all the amenities offered by beautiful Auckland - New Zealand’s largest, and most cosmopolitan city.


Whitecliffe facilities

The Whitecliffe library and research resources are specifically targeted to support students studying arts and design. Once students have entered Year 2 of the BFA they will be allocated specific individual work areas/studio spaces for the duration of the academic year. Students have access to the studios in the evenings and over the weekends. The campus buildings are secure and access is controlled by swipe card.






































List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

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Courses Offered

Undergraduate Programmes

    • Foundation Certificate of Arts and Design
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts



    • Certificate of Arts and Design
    • One Year Foundation Bridging Programme


Bachelor of Fine Arts

    • Fine Arts
    • Photo Media
    • Fashion Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Post Graduate




Whitecliffe offers two unique Masters of Arts degrees in New Zealand; the Master of Arts in Arts Therapy (MAAT) and the Master of Arts Therapy (Clinical). Whitecliffe also offers a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) and Masters of Arts in Arts Management (MAAM).






























Undergraduate scholarships 2016


Fine Arts and Photo Media

Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design offers two scholarships which are open to applicants to the Bachelor of Fine Arts Year One.
All applicants for these Scholarships must be:
•    New Zealand citizens or permanent residents.
•    Applying for their first year of undergraduate study as a new student with Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design.


One scholarship is available for an applicant intending to progress at Year Two into FINE ARTS and the second for an applicant intending to progress at Year Two into PHOTO MEDIA


The Fine Arts and the Photo Media scholarships are both awarded in two parts.  The first at the start of Year One to the value of a $3,000 reduction in the annual tuition fee, the second at the start of Year Two upon successful completion of Year One and re-enrolment at Whitecliffe into the designated major –to the value of a $3,000 reduction in the annual tuition fee for Year Two.


Applicants should submit a scholarship application form along with their application to Whitecliffe Year One. Applicants must meet all of the entry criteria to Whitecliffe Year One and the scholarship applications must be accompanied by:
-    a digital portfolio
-    an enhanced letter of intent
-    a letter of reference from an art teacher or mentor.


Applications for the scholarships close on Friday 30 October 2015. The scholarships will be awarded in November, following completion by all applicants of the usual Whitecliffe admissions procedures including an interview. Scholarships are awarded by department faculty based on evidence in the portfolio of the potential to undertake tertiary study in the declared major and upon the ability of the applicant to express their intentions and/or aspirations successfully in the letter of intent, and further upon support from the art teacher or mentor as presented in the letter of reference.


The scholarship portfolio and Year One application portfolio may be the same. Students will not be disadvantaged if their school portfolio does not include Photo Media work. Students in this instance should address their Photo Media aspirations in their letters of intent. Applicants may also wish to include work created independent of their high school.


If the scholarship winner withdraws their enrolment, the scholarship is awarded to the next best candidate.


The second part of the scholarship is only awarded if the student successfully progresses into the major for which it was awarded i.e. the student must progress and undertake Year Two Photo Media in order to secure the Photo Media scholarship part two, the same for Fine Arts.


New Zealand Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships offered to school leavers and mature students in New Zealand through trusts, iwi, and other organisations such as government departments. The Maori Education Trust administers a number of scholarships for Maori students, while the Pacific Business Trust offers a list of scholarships available to Pacific students in Achievers magazine.


There are two excellent websites that provide comprehensive information about scholarships available in New Zealand:

BreakOut has over 2,000 different scholarships on its database and is available free of charge in some public libraries and schools, but you have to pay a small fee to register.


Career Services has a comprehensive list of scholarships as well and is free.


Application for a Scholarship can be made on the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Application form. Forms can be downloaded by clicking the links under each scholarship.























































Application Form

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