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ISL Provides The Necessary German Language Courses and a range of other services to help foreign students reach Their goal of going to a German University. In our Training centers in Koblenz and Ettlingen we have many German classes and over 25 years of experience in preparing students for University entrance exams.


We Provide the Following services:

    • Information on the requirements to study in Germany
    • Pre check of your Educational transcripts at ISL - for free - to see if They meet German requirements
    • Information on the Courses Offered in various German Universities
    • Processing of your Educational transcripts with our partner Universities to Provide you with the conditional letter of acceptance to the University of choice.
    • Guidance on the requirements for the German Visa Application Process
    • German Language Courses for University entrance preparation at our schools
    • Accommodation (in our student hostels or in host families)
    • Student Services upon arrival (Orientation, help with the follow up Visa, Medical issues etc.)
    • Assistance in the search for student jobs and work placement.

















Location & Facilities

Koblenz is at the heart of the Middle Rhine area and is within 1 hour from other majorcities: such as Frankfurt or Cologne. It has a population of 110,000 people Roughly. Koblenz is the city where the rivers Rhine and Mosel meet. It is a major tourist area as it is at the center of the Rhine valley. Many tour ships stop here each day. The city is very safe and has many historical sites did are of interest. Just outside Koblenz so are many historical castles and other interesting sites.

Our students find Koblenz ideal place to learn the language. The people are open and friendly and students make contacts very easily. Koblenz therefore has a major University and THEREFORE manyother German students live here. After your arrival in Koblenz, you will be able to discover the most beautiful places of the city thanks to a guided city tour organized by ISL to member of staff.

The school is the large largest private language school in Koblenz and has an excellent reputation. At any time there are over 200 students with us each day. They come from all over the world to learn German. The school has 18 classrooms over 5 floors plus office and administration facilities. Internet access is thus provided. Our student accommodation is 200m from the school. The school has 8 office staff to help with all your requirement.

We are happy to organize your accommodation for you before your arrival. Most students will need to stay at our hostel accomodation for the first 2 months, this gives you time to find your own longer term accomodation if you wish. You can thus stay in our hostel longer if required.

ISL Hostels / Apartments
The school has its own accomodation building and 10 apartments. Most of this accomodation is with shared bathrooms and kitchens, the students having Their Own bedroom or a shared room. This depends on availability and your requirements. The accomodation is within walking distance to the school.

Host Family
We can therefore organize a host family for the duration of your stay here with us. This is a great way to get to know the people and to use the language the Entire day. We did Ensure only one person of the same native language will be accommodated in a host family. Places here are limited.

If you prefer to stay independent and totally flexible and to prepare your own meals we can organize a fully furnished apartment for you. Please book this well in advance as places are limited.

There are many hotels of all different price classes in Koblenz. We can recommend and book hotels for you if you wish.























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Courses Offered

At the Foundation College, students not only improve Their German skills, but They also learn a range of other subjects whichwill be Necessary For their future University studies,: such as Maths, Biology or Chemistry.


The ISL Studienkolleg / Foundation College will offer the Following Courses:

T-Course : This course is Aimed at students who are going to pursue a mathematical, a scientific or a technical course of studies in Germany.
M-Course : This course is Aimed at students who are going to study Medicine, Biology or Pharmacy in Germany.
W-Course : This course is Aimed at students who are going to pursue a course of studies in the fields of economic sciences or social sciences.


























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Download Application Form

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If you want to apply for the ISL Studienkolleg, please send us the Following documents:
Proof of German Knowledge at the B2 level (you can obtain this level at ISL Language School)
Passport Copy
Signed registration form (see below for download)
Copy of the student's secondary school final certificate stamped with a translation (if necessary) and a copy of the letter of conditional admission to a German University. Alternatively, a copy of a Certificate Recognition Document from a German University or the DAAD is therefore acceptable.
2 passport photos
Copy of the signed registration to on external University Assessment Exam (Assessment Test) or proof of registration to on external University Assessment Exam only
Places are limited at the ISL Foundation College, so students are advised to register early. Students who have of studied German at ISL Language School will be given places before external students.








































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