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Study Overseas Canada- A Golden Opportunity for all students


October 2014

There is no doubt India has many institutions and universities but only very few universities provide good quality education in Canada. Due to the lack of good institutions and growing competition for limited seats these existing seats can move the Indian students towards foreign countries? Each year it becomes more and more challenging to secure the admission in these existing institutions. A foreign degree translates into better employability and raising income level.

Quality education is the most important consideration to gain the treasures of knowledge, as well as a reputable job. People usually get worried, when it comes to the selection of such a place, which offers explicit educational opportunities with a safer living environment for their children. Thanks to the Canadian government who open the doors for everyone, who wishes to study in Canada. Canada plays host to more than 1,30,000 International students in any given year. Increasingly, Canada is becoming the country of choice for students from all parts of the world.

They offer a mature learning system for the students of all creeds and races and around 1,30,000 students pack their bags annually for a study trip, without any fear. The best thing about Canada is the remarkable allocation of educational budget, which is comparatively high from the economic and development sector budget. Canadian students also secure the world's top ranking in the international reading tests of Mathematics and Science, which is the greatest honor for both the student and the country. These achievements are the main reason, due to which the Canadian Universities Diploma, degree or certificate has a worldwide acceptance.

Education in Canada is for the most part provided publicly, funded and overseen by federal, provincial, and local governments. Education is within provincial jurisdiction and the curriculum is overseen by the province. Education in Canadian Universities is generally divided into primary education, followed by secondary education and post-secondary.

It is a great pleasure to know that the study in Canadian Universities for international students is cheaper as compared to the other countries including, Australia, New Zealand and UK. Canada offers a number of remarkable schools for obtaining a bachelor's degree, on the most reasonable rates. The fee charges for a Bachelor's program in the public universities of the United States are 1/3 times higher than the Canadian schools, making the Canadian universities more preferable for a foreign study. Also, the fee charges of the Private universities of the United States are double than that of the Canadian degree schools. These blessings are due to the low cost of living structures, which provides the financial stability to the foreign students.

After the successful completion of the Bachelor's program, Universities in Canada offer PG diploma and universities offer master program. The Postgraduate study in Canada can be done in various fields including, Agriculture, Business Administration, Design and Applied Arts, Computer Science, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Public Administration, Nursing and Allied Health, Religious Studies and other fields.

Get Admission in Top Canadian Universities. This are the Top Canadian Universities Known throughout the World for Higher Education in Canada are

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta continued its rapid ascent among the world's top universities by making its way into the top 90 of the post-secondary world's most respected ranking. The 2014-15 QS World University Rankings, released Sept. 15, saw the U of A move up an impressive 12 positions to 84th among the 2,000 universities rated in the survey. The University of Alberta has jumped a dozen spots in each of the last two years, landing at 96th last year before this year's impressive showing.

University of Manitoba

Steeped in tradition and excellence that stems back 131 years, the University of Manitoba has grown to be the largest and most recognized post-secondary government supported educational institution in the province. Located in the heart of the country, it is western Canada's first university.

University of Manitoba Location & Facilities

The university consists of a main Fort Garry Campus, spanning over 676 acres, a downtown Bannatyne Campus, adjacent to Winnipeg's Health Sciences Centre, and many other smaller satellite locations. There are 13.7 km of roads, 7,090 parking spaces, and 1,266 residence rooms for students. Located at the heart of the Fort Garry Campus, the Duckworth Quadrangle is one of the great places to meet, socialize and enjoy campus life.

University of Manitoba Scholarships

  • More than 49 new scholarships and 23 new bursaries were created in 2009-2010. More than $13 million in student awards are provided annually
  • Current fundraising priorities include Project Domino, the Active Living Centre, the Arctic Research Facility, graduate fellowships and scholarships and bursaries.

University of Manitoba Intake

Major intake is Fall- September Summer- May & Winter- January are also available.

Leran More About University of Manitoba Courses

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is a comprehensive public university in the city of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Maclean's Reputational University Rankings for Canadian universities has consistently ranked University of Waterloo first in the "Most Innovative" and "Leaders of Tomorrow" sections, and second in the "Highest Quality" section. The school is also known for having more company spin-offs than any other Canadian University. As of Fall 2009, there were 26,451 full-time (1,628 part-time) undergraduate and 3,505 full-time (921 part-time)  graduate students, with 1,047 full-time faculty members and 2,184 staff. The school has approximately 151,000 alumni in 143 countries.

University of Waterloo Location & Facilities

The main campus is located along University Avenue in Waterloo, Ontario on what was, until the 1960s, farmland. Since its creation, a considerable level of commercial and residential development has built up around the Waterloo campus, notably with many offices of high-tech firms.

A new campus for the health sciences program has been built in Kitchener, Ontario and includes a satellite of McMaster University's Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine and the School of Pharmacy.

University of Waterloo Scholarships

Waterloo offers a number of scholarships, which range from $500 CAD for one year to $40,000 CAD over 4 years. In most cases, these scholarships are based on academic performance and do not require a separate application. The exceptions are some scholarships for Mathematics, Computer Science, and Accounting and Financial Management.

  • The University of Waterloo International Student Scholarship is open to all international students admitted to Year One of a full-time, undergraduate degree programs at Waterloo, Cambridge, or the UAE campus location.  Several are available, valued at $10,000 each. These scholarships are awarded based on grades (minimum of 90%), the Admission Information Form, and in some cases additional admission requirements (i.e., Euclid Math contest, Accounting and Financial Management Admission Assessment).
  • The Engineering International Scholarship/Grant is open to all students entering first-year Engineering on a study permit. Valued  at $5,000 CAD a year, the grant is awarded in recognition of  outstanding academic and extracurricular achievement, and higher  costs for international students.  It can be renewed in your upper years.
  • The Mathematics/Financial Analysis and Risk Management International Student Award is open to all students entering first-year FARM on a study permit.  Valued at $5,000 CAD a year, the grant is awarded in recognition of outstanding academic and extracurricular achievement and higher costs for international students.  It can be renewed in your upper years.

University of Waterloo Intake

Winter, spring and fall are the 3 intakes. The deadlines are November1st for winter, March 1st for spring and March 30th for fall intake.

Leran More About University of Waterloo Courses

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University is one of Canada's leading universities widely recognized for outstanding academic quality and the opportunities presented by our broad range of educational and research activities. Dalhousie, part of the vibrant Halifax community since 1818, attracts high achieving, motivated and engaged students from around the world. Dalhousie will become Canada's best university, committed to advancing provincial and regional development by offering a diverse student body of about 17,500 an outstanding personal experience at a national university.

Dalhousie University Location & Facilities

Located in the heart of Halifax, Nova, Scotia, Dalhousie's historic tree-lined campus combines a warm East coast atmosphere with the international prestige of a big-name school.

Dalhousie University Scholarships

  • Number of students enrolled at Dalhousie University: 15,367
  • Average grade-point average of first-year students: 85.1
  • Percentage of first-year students with average of 75 per cent or better: 97
  • Percentage of first-year students who are awarded entrance scholarships: 59
  • Number of Rhodes Scholars who've graduated from Dalhousie: 86
  • Number of Atlantic Canadian universities who've graduated more Rhodes
  • Scholars than Dalhousie: 0
  • Percentage of students from outside Nova Scotia: 52.3
  • Percentage of students from outside Canada: 7.7
  • Number of countries represented at Dalhousie: more than 110

Dalhousie University Intake

Winter Intake Starts in January, Summer Intake Starts in May, Fall Intake Starts in September.

Leran More About Dalhousie University Courses.

Brock University

Brock University, generally referred to simply as Brock, is a comprehensive university located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Brock offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs that include co-op and other experiential learning opportunities. Brock University is rated one of the top universities in Ontario with professional staff and students.

Brock University Location & Facilities

Brock University also maintains a campus in the city of Hamilton, Ontario. The primary user of this the facility is Faculty of Education, specifically the Pre-service Department and Graduate Studies in Education and Continuing Education. The Hamilton Campus was officially opened November 2, 2000. It is a fully functioning campus complete with modern computer labs, an Instructional Resource Centre / Library, gymnasium, large classrooms, full and part-time faculty office space, food services, conference facilities, a board room, and green spaces within the courtyards and surrounding lawns of the campus.

Brock University Scholarships

- Under Graduate

International Students who have scored 80% - 93% will be getting scholarships for CAD $2500 - CAD $14000.

- Graduate

The majority of our graduate student's are employed as teaching assistants and typically earn an average of $7,190 per year. Many graduate supervisors support their graduate students with research fellowships from their research grants. Research Fellowship amounts vary and are specified by the graduate supervisor and may range up to $10,000 per year.

- Brock International Tuition Fellowships

International tuition fellowships of $1,500/term will be awarded to full-time international graduate students in funded programs, for a maximum of one, two or four years in accordance with the normal length of their graduate program, to assist in discounting international tuition fees. The Faculty of Graduate Studies will automatically assess the student file for international tuition fellowship eligibility.Application by the student is not required.

- Brock Internal Donor Scholarships and Bursaries

Graduate students are encouraged to apply for any of the awards and scholarships for which they are eligible. To be eligible to apply for internal and external awards, scholarships and bursaries, graduate students must be registered as a full-time student.

Brock University Intake

There are two intakes : September and January
Deadlines for September : January 1st
Deadlines for January : September 1st

Leran More About Brock University Courses

All these courses required to qualify for a student Visa, which has certain requirements to get approved. Once a person gets approved, he has the fantastic future prospects in Canada. Avail this great opportunity, as it will change the entire life within a short span of time. Canadian Universities also offer Variety of University Scholarships to International Students. To Know more about Canadian Universities Scholarships and Indian Scholarships Contact Edwise Now to Know More About it.

We at Edwise streamline and personalize the process for each student irrespective of their destination, institution, course or any level of study. Our team of experienced professionals will provide you individual attention and exceptional guidance throughout your process of application. We provide assistance related to course selections, admission, visa, bank-loan and scholarships. We also host university delegates for direct student interaction and all these services are provided free of cost. We have established since 1991 and have been maintaining strong networks with over 525 universities in 14 countries, hence giving us a unique insight into the finest educational establishments worldwide.

To know more about Canadian Universities, courses, intakes, scholarships, visas, cracking exams. contact us on 1-800-200-3678 / 08600911333.

October 2014




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