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Why You Need To Study Abroad In Ireland ?


November 2018

Ireland is a part of European Union and is a very dynamic and modern country with 40% of its population below the age of 25 years. It is also one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with the population of 6.2 million.

Study Abroad in Ireland

Ireland, since the past twenty years has developed magnificiently in many sectors, be it agriculture, construction, pharmaceuticals, technology, etc. Its education sector is one such sector that has boomed at an unprecedented rate. It contributes majorly to the economy of the country.

The education system of Ireland is considered to be one of the best with all the Irish universities ranking in the top 5% globally. This is a clear result of the Irish governments investing large amount of resources into the education sector to improvise its quality year after year. The Irish education system has always believed in adopting the heuristic method of learning rather that the pedagogy method. This enbles the system to carve out individuals who not just posses strong theoritical knowledge but also powerful pragmatics.

Study Abroad in Ireland

An impregnable and concrete sytem of education is the most crucial point of attraction for all those international students who wish to pursue higher education from Ireland. An estimate of 200,000 students hop into Ireland to acquire higher education every year and the number just keeps increasing. Indian students form a major part of the estimate and mostly opt for subjects like literature, technology, communications, history, and environmental studies.

Ireland offers a vast variety of programs. A student can find almost any program he/she wishes to study. Although it offers all possible courses, it excels in providing rich quality qualification in the field of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and technology. Ireland is known for conducting quality scientific researches as well which is another reasons why students aspiring to pursue research in the field of their choice, travel to the country.

International students pursuing higher education from Ireland are guaranteed to have a pleasant stay during the course of their program and later. It is one of the safest and friendliest countries in the world, which warmly welcomes international students with open arms. It is an english speaking nation. Students here are exposed to a number of opportunities. The Irish government offers multiple scholarships of 50% and 100% for students, most of which are merit based. Scholarships are also offered directly by many instituitions, but are difficult to obtain. Most Irish Universities also provide Application fee waiver of upto Rs. 17000.

Visa in Ireland normally takes upto 4-5 weeks time and it is best to apply well in advance. A Letter of Acceptance from the college, confirming you have been accepted and enrolled on a course of full-time education, involving a minimum of 15 hours organised daytime study each week and evidence of financial support for tuition fees and living expenses is required. Along with the visa form you need to submit personal information, academic qualifications, financial strengths equaling to €10,000 for each year as living expenses.

Students here can work part-time while studying in order to earn money and gain industry experience. The ones who attend full time course are eligble to take up part time employment of upto 20 hours per week and 40 hours per week during college break or vacations.

After the completion of the course/program, a student, under the country's Third Level Graduate Scheme, is eligible to work for a period of 24 months for upto 40 hours per week. A student can easily convert Post Study Work Permit to Greencard to PR.

Ireland currently is buzzing with entreprenuerial activities. As per the GEM report of 2018, it is among the top-most nations in Europe that highly supports entrepreneurship. The country is a home to giant MNCs and hosts main offices of Google, Facebook, HP, Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pfizer, GSK, Genzyme, etc for European operations. Globally, it is also the second most attractive country for FDI after Singapore. Thus new employment opportunities are being created rapidly. Ireland offers its people rich urban luxury life as well as a natural green and serene environment. The majority of Ireland's polulation is young and peppy which keeps the environment vibrant and charged. Ireland is also know for its rich culture, delicious cuisines, years old castles, sports like rugby and soccer, etc which provides students with many recreational activities that helps them feel like home.

Ireland fullfills all those requirements that are demanded by every international student for studying abroad right from world class education to safety to a pleasant and comfortable stay. By assisting yourself with Edwise International, we assure you an even better overseas education experience.

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November 2018





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