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Strategies for GMAT Exam


May 2016

The GMAT is a computer adaptive test and is used to measure your ability to think systematically using the knowledge and skills you have acquired throughout your schooling years. It is further divided into three sections, a Writing section that consists of one analysis of an argument essay, the new Integrated Reasoning section, a Quantitative test and a Verbal test. You can take an optional five minute break between each section

The Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency areas of the GMAT require knowledge of mathematical principles, including understanding the fundamentals of algebra, geometry, arithmetic and the ability to interpret graphs. The quantitative section of the GMAT is composed of both data sufficiency and problem solving questions

Test- Taking Strategies

  • Remember to spend more time with the first initial questions, as these questions set the level of difficulty for the remaining test
  • Ensure that you finish each section, the GMAT will not penalise you for a wrong answer, so if you are running out of time, take a guess on the final questions
  • Keep track of your time and the number of questions left to be answered
  • Remember that you cannot go back to the previous question, so confirm your answer only when you are confident
  • Once you confirm a section exit, you cannot go back. Do not click on the quit test command unless you want to end the session

Strategies for the Quantitative section

Problem Solving

There are a few problems in the GMAT that test your basic mathematical skills. Some of these problem solving questions will involve your understanding of mathematical concepts. Many problems will require you to integrate different mathematical ideas or translate a verbal problem into a mathematical one in order to find the solution. Given below are some tips that can be used for problem solving questions.

  • Carefully budget your time, to ensure that you finish the test
  • Read the question carefully, and be sure that you answer the question that is asked
  • Be familiar with your answer choices before you begin to work on a problem
  • Use your laminated note board to work out problems
  • Keep track of the units in a problem, make sure that your answer has the correct units
  • Use numerical values to find answers that involve formulas and variables
  • Translate the information you are given into numerical or algebraic equations to start working a problem

Data Sufficiency

For a Data Sufficiency type of question, you will be asked a question and, will then be given two additional statements. You must decide whether the additional statements give enough information to answer the question. These questions in turn do not have the same testing skills as problem solving. Mentioned below are some strategies that can be used for data sufficiency problems

  • Do not try attempting any data sufficiency problems, if you do not understand the directions
  • If the information given shows that the statement is false, you have enough information to answer the question
  • Do not waste time calculating the exact answer to these type of questions, once you find the answer, choose the correct option
  • Understand and use the strategy discussed previously
  • Use the strategy to make smart guesses on questions you cannot answer, and move on to the next question
  • Never make additional assumptions

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May 2016




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